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                                                                   Toilet Paper Roll Dispensers

The world has a lot to thank the Chinese for, including the invention of toilet paper! The first use of toilet paper for hygiene purposes can be traced back to the 6th century the patent for a toilet roll dispenser was made. The 14th century saw some parts of china including modern-day Zhejiang province manufacture up to 10 million packets of toilet paper sheets annually. From records, these sheets of paper were also doused with perfumed. Today, toilet paper finds widespread use and because it is produced in rolls, these are easily managed using toilet paper roll dispensers.

There are two ways that toilet roll dispensers can be categorized based on choice of orientation. Roll holders are oriented with a horizontal axle parallel to the wall. The toilet paper can be placed to hang over or under the roll. Surveys conducted in American households show that 60 to 70% of the respondents preferred their toilet paper hanging over the roll.

The common toilet paperl dispensers come in the following orientations and designs:

1. The toilet paper roll holder consists of a piece of wire that is mounted on a hinge and this hangs from a door or wall.

2. Another type of toilet roll dispenser consists of a horizontal axle recessed in the wall.

3. Some toilet roll holders consist of a vertical axles also recessed into a wall.

4. There are some paper dispensers that are mounted as horizontal axles on a freestanding frame.

5. Paper dispensers can also consist of a freestanding vertical pole on a base.

6. Some roll holders (more than one) can be wall mounted inside a dispensing unit. This is usually used in commercial venues away from the home.

7. Other units may consist of a wall mounted dispensing unit where the tissue is  folded in  "s" type format to allow the user to extract one tissue leaf at a time.

Vertical Small Scale Roll Holders

Vertical toilet paper roll dispensers provide a unique design for the decor in a commercial bathroom and also provide capacity to hold extra rolls in their reserve columns so that a new roll is always available when you need it. Other vertical designs are made of eco-friendly material such as bamboo, that also utilize various styling accessories like chrome accents. These Roll dispensers allow for extra space so that you can pack your extra toilet rolls, and have a magazine holder as well. The toilet roll dispensers are also adjustable to meet your need for convenience.

The market also provides eco-friendly rubber-wood stands that serve as great toilet roll dispensers. Also with additional accessories, and with a great espresso finish, you can pack your extra toilet tissue and ensure your magazine rack is packed with your favorite reads. This toilet dispenser neatly fits into a corner in your toilet, out of your way until when needed.

Some vertical toilet roll holders have a bronze finish, holding up to 4 rolls in their vertical frame while providing tissue from their horizontal arm. 

Commercial Roll Dispensers

For commercial purposes, you will find multi roll holders to be invaluable for your enterprise. Available stainless steel toilet tissue dispensers have a mechanism that holds two toilet paper rolls of standard size -up to five and a quarter inches in diameter. When the current roll is depleted, the extra roll automatically drops into place. The toilet paper dispenser has some sort of door lock or tumbler lock to ensure that your toilet roll stays in place. Typical toilet roll dispensers come with unique finishes such as a satin look that endears the dispenser to restroom decor.

Another favorite for commercial purposes is the Matrix toilet roll dispenser. Composed of impact resistant plastic, these roll holders are durable and able to withstand impacts without chipping or corroding. The dispensing mechanism can hold two standard toilet rolls of up to five and a quarter inches in diameter. During usage, the toilet paper rolls seamlessly shift into place when the bottom roll gets depleted whereas a locking device keeps the rolls in place when they dispense the paper.

Center Pull Tissue Dispenser

Another favorite toilet paper roll dispenser design is the center pull tissue dispenser which combines Centerpull technology with single sheet dispensing. This is a smart way to reduce toilet roll consumption in public establishments and also eliminate cross contamination. These toilet roll dispensers are high capacity roll holders that means lower roll replacements for you over time and the result of long lasting roll dispenser and lower maintenance costs. The high capacity roll dispensers with Centerpull technology come with a transparent or translucent cover which allows you to know when the roll is depleted. Made with poly carbonate to ensure additional strength, the cover also is hinged at the bottom for extra loading and easy mounting. You can easily set these dispensers up in a myriad of configurations including side by side or stacked. With this toilet roll dispenser, you can simultaneously achieve hygienic dispensing, reduced costs and wastage and reduced maintenance costs. You will also prevent theft of the dispenser by using the key lock it comes with.

Double-Roll Tissue Dispenser

An innovative toilet roll dispenser that is available in the market is the double-roll tissue dispenser that is ideal for large establishments with high traffic. Most double tissue dispensers come covered and are designed to eliminate the frequent running out of paper by providing two rolls at a go. As a commercial roll dispenser, the double-roll dispenser holds two toilet rolls that have a base diameter of five and a half inches enclosed in a high impact plastic casing. The double-roll tissue dispenser is typically mounted either horizontally or vertically and is a great addition to office buildings, food service areas and health care facilities.

Core-less Toilet Paper Dispenser

With the age of core-less toilet paper rolls, has come the invention of new types of toilet paper  roll dispensers. Core-less toilet paper  roll dispensers are now famous and utilize a space saving design with sliding covers to keep the toilet roll uncontaminated. Core-less toilet paper dispensers hold two core-less toilet paper rolls that come perforated. They include an easy to mount hardware and one-handed reloading mechanism for convenient use.

The major advantage of core-less tissue roll dispensers is their ability to conserve space while at the same time, provide tissue rolls for large scale uses. Innovation has meant that tissue rolls of up to 12,000 two ply sheets can be placed in professionally looking dispensers that release adequate tissue one pull at a time reducing  the number of times needed for replacements while saving valuable space. on average, these types of toilet roll dispensers can provide up to six times the amount of toilet tissue that conventional toilet roll holders are known for.

Environmental Impact

Choosing the correct toilet dispenser has great implications for the environment. having a toilet roll dispenser that does not lead to a waste of can lead to lower toilet roll consumption worldwide especially is this is taken seriously in large establishments or high traffic areas. It is estimates that one tree can produce only 45 kg of toilet paper and that the global toilet paper production is roughly 27,000 trees daily.