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Paper towel dispensers - Toilet paper roll dispensers Australia

Paper towel and toilet paper dispensers

Are you a business owner that is looking for reliable washroom accessories for your bathrooms without worrying about people damaging them a few weeks later? Then look no further because we at Washroom Station provide high quality paper towel and toilet paper roll dispensers that can accompany your business needs. We have plastic and stainless steel dispensers that are damage proof and safe, and we provide different sizes for all of your bathrooms that you may have. Let’s look at some of the features that the paper towel and toilet paper roll dispensers have, and why these dispensers are the right ones for your company.

If you are in the bathroom trying to dry your wet hands, and you noticed that the paper towel dispenser is empty or even broken, chances are you have to use the cheap tissue paper to try your hands that crumble all over the floor. With Washroom Station paper towel dispensers, you can tell ahead of time if the paper towel is going to run out by the window located at the front of all of the paper towel dispensers. You can also get have the sleek stainless steel paper towel dispensers located in your business as well. These paper towel dispensers are lockable and vandal proof, so you do not have to worry about intruders damaging your property. These paper towel dispensers work well with the interleaf paper towel.

With the toilet paper roll dispensers, these come in stainless steel, white enamel, and durable ABS plastic just like the paper towel dispensers. The toilet paper roll dispensers are also designed to keep the toilet paper safe from water from the toilet bowl itself. It is also strong enough to hold the toilet roll rolls in place, unlike some dispensers you see in other businesses. These toilet paper roll dispensers are kept with locks if you want security, and it takes minimal effort to keep them clean also.
The purpose of these dispensers is to make sure that your business has the best to offer. You do not want your business to have poor products that can become damaged easily. A lot of business owners go through many paper towel and toilet paper roll dispensers because they are damaged by the customers that come to visit the restrooms on a daily basis. Our dispensers are high in quality, and we have many sizes available for your needs. If you have more questions on our products, you can email us at:



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