SPEEDFLOW, Mediclinics Automatic hand dryers best price   


Speedflow, Mediclinics -white epoxy or Stainless steel Automatic hand dryers


  •  Long lasting compact units with anti- vandalism features. Cover is fixed to base using 2 vandalproof lock-screws, requiring a proprietary wrench to remove.   Casing is a very solid, 1.5mm thick steel or stainless steel hand dryer.  Casing design reduces points of entrance and removes any platforms for objects on top e.g. cigarettes or coffee cups.
  •   No moving parts external to the unit and a low overall profile purchase the Speedflow AUTOMATIC HAND DRYERS less of a target for vandals.
  • Fan scroll has a patented design, which permits the perfect balance between dimensions and features.Using 20% of the energy needed by conventional commercial hand dryers and 10% of the total energy required to dry hands with paper towels. THE GREEN DRYERS SPEC
  •  High speed motor. RPM can be adjusted manually. Air velocity and noise can be selected between different levels.Reduces electricity usage by 80% over conventional electric hands dryers.
  •  The self-resetable safety thermal cut-off in the heating element disconnects the whole appliance for maximum safety.
  •  The electrical board includes a micro- processor which controls the wear of the motor brushes. Once the motor brushes are consumed, the whole dryer disconnects.
  •  Safety timer of 60 seconds.
  •   Four silent blocks to eliminate vibrations.
  •  First class component quality. Slashes cost per use by 99% compared with paper towels.
  • Slashes maintenance costs associated with paper towel.


To be installed in high and medium traffic areas. It is suitable to be used in an office as well as in an industrial or high traffic environment