SANIFLOW Mediclinics electric Hand dryers price - AUSTRALIA

                     Mediclinics Saniflow:  Vogue and Chic


The Mediclinics Saniflow is a flawless automatic hand dryers for any Australian washroom. Washroom station asures you that  Its durability will withstand time beyond any of the washrooms it’s installed in.

The Mediclinics Saniflow electric hand dryers is after a trend that has been delicately designed to be appealing as well as embody the most sophisticated electronics. Available in automatic and push-button.

Not only is it fast and quiet but the Mediclinics Saniflow is a vandal proof hand dryer. These price competitive hand dryers also come with a first-class warranty. 

Dependable: These first class stainless steel and  white porcelain enamelled coating HAND DRYERS are of a European design that has been developed over 25 years to be of the finest quality and creation. Mediclinics Saniflow is an ‘international best buy’ that is supported by a first-class warranty. 

Theft Proof: The Mediclinics Saniflow commercial HAND DRYERS is highly theft proof including the theft proof screws. Removal of the covers requires a wrench and for the screw to be turned clockwise. The Casing of the hand dryer is a single piece of stainless steel, 1.5 mm thick. Also the design of the Mediclinics Saniflow is developed to minimize access points and flat horizontal areas in order to prevent people disregarding cigarettes, coffee cups, etc. 

First-Class Warranty: The Mediclinics Saniflow designers HAND DRYER includes a first class warranty and we are absolutely confident that the Mediclinics Saniflow HAND DRYERS  will operate flawlessly. When properly maintained,  due to the quality and exceptional design, the Mediclinics Saniflow will continue to operate well beyond the warranty period.

Resourceful: The Mediclinics Saniflow HAND DRYERS incorporates a rotating nozzle and the IR detection sensor is completely adjustable. The detection sensor can be custom set to a variety of setting as a result of its ability to adjust from 15 to 25cm. The versatility of these hand dryers is also evident in the casing with white steel covers including:

  • automatic push buttons
  • manual push buttons
  • bright stainless steel
  • brushed stainless steel covers   
    The scope of settings and the design makes the Mediclinics Saniflow shape any commercial washroom.

Efficient: The Mediclinics Saniflow industrial HAND DRYERS is fast, quiet and easy to use. Not only is the Mediclinics Saniflow one of the fastest HAND DRYERS, it is also one of the quietest in relation to its performance. The Mediclinics superior design reduces false activation due to ambient light effects. There are four vibration isolations blocks that have been specially designed to ensure flawless operation.

Familiar: The Mediclinics Saniflow HAND DRYERS is safe and people choose it due to its familiarity. The facts are that the design has reached heights that will withstand time beyond any of the washrooms it’s installed in.

Engineer Friendly: The classic design, standard shape and fitting holes make the Mediclinics Saniflow HAND DRYERS, the right choice for a variety of projects. In most commercial setting, hand dryers are an environmentally friendly choice that reduces costs by removing the use of paper towels and cloth towels. Most importantly, the Mediclinic Saniflow is great in rank and status and is European manufactured.

In conclusion, the Mediclinics Saniflow HAND DRYERS accentuates the positive step towards  commercial environments including bathrooms that can be effective for  a wide range of projects.

Mediclinics Saniflow hand dryers: Vogue and Chic

You will never doubt ever, the Mediclinics Saniflow being the right hand dryers for any Australian washroom or commercial bathroom. It’s  dependable, theft proof,resourceful, efficient, familiar, engineer friendly and most of all, it has a first class warranty.

To be installed in high traffic areas. Ideal for airports, petrol stations, discos, schools, universities, stadiums, parks.