MEDIFLOW Mediclinics commercial Hand dryers - AUSTRALIA

          Mediclinics Mediflow: ELECTRIC commercial HAND DRYERS AUSTRALIA

The Mediclinics Mediflow Automatic HAND DRYERS is Electronic control system selects fully automatic for each drying cycle the heating-capacity required for optimal airflow temperature. It has excellent design features and extremely reliable and theft proof. Its high performance has low level noise and its efficiency is second to none.

Naturally Friendly

  1. The Mediclinics Mediflow commercial HAND DRYERS is elegant in style and with its capacity for high performance is quiet, serene as well as  chic. Harmony and efficiency are the key elements when decorating your interiors.
  2. There is no other machine as quiet in its class with less than half the noise of its major competitor.
  3. Excellence in terms of energy efficiency and operational costs, replacing cloth towels and paper.
  4. The ‘LOGIC DRY’ technology is superior when it comes to energy saving and has a leading edge over conventional dryers.
  5. The Mediclinics Mediflow electric HAND DRYERS  is simple in shape yet easy to work for a wide range of projects and tasks.
  6. The Mediclinics Mediflow industraial HAND DRYERS European design is manufactured in Europe and had all its components sourced in Europe.
  7. The Mediclinics Mediflow has the ultimate warranty in its class.
  8. Choose from The Mediclinics Mediflow HAND DRYERS three different finishes; white (steel), bright stainless steel and brushed stainless steel.
  9. The machine is dependable, steadfast and consistent. Its reliability will enable you to enjoy its greatest attributes.

The Mediclinics Mediflow hand dryers will surprise you at not only its high performance but also the calm and peacefulness around how efficient and noise free it really is.
Compare Mediclinics with other leading competitors and it is guaranteed to create half the noise and still outperform in its class. And the mounting system has superior vibration isolation.

Powered by Mediclinincs Mediflow hands dryers is the feature ‘Logic Dry’ technology. This technology maximizes performance every time and cuts down on the consumption of energy.
The IR detection sensor is fully adjustable, from 5 to 20 cm, to allow customising for various settings.

Universal brush motor, 4500 rpm, F class, includes a self-resetting safety thermal cut-off at 120ºC.

Modulated management of heating-element for longer component life.

Discover the charming and smooth contemporary design that fits any interiors.
Adaptable and resourceful the Mediclinics Mediflow hand dryers comes in white (steel) and stainless steel (bright and brushed).

The Mediclinincs Mediflow HAND DRYERS has intelligent monitoring and with a European design, this product comes with supreme quality and the highest and finest standards. Suitable for any AUSTRALIAN WASHROOM.
Supported with the ultimate warranty.

This exceptional product will operate with effective maintenance beyond the term of the warranty. There is one reason for this – superior quality.
Think great design, outstanding manufacturing of QA and quality parts and components. These all equal a superior and brilliant product.

The Mediclinics Mediflow is priced to beat its competitors and market leaders.

You will never doubt ever, the Mediclinics mediflow being the right hand dryer for any washroom or commercial bathroom. It’s  dependable, theft proof,resourceful, efficient, familiar, engineer friendly and most of all, it has a first class warranty.