MACHFLOW -sensor operated washroom hand dryers - Australia

ENERGY EFFICIANT - saving in energy  420-1100 watts

M09A- M09AC- M09ACS

Machflow Hand Dryer
This is the 21st century and people are working very hard to use green products throughout their homes and their businesses. Many people have even begun to look into green technology in the bathroom. The Machflow hand dryer is a new product out right now that is marketed as the greenest hand dryer. This product would be great for any establishment that has a public restroom or even an employee bathroom that needed hand dryers.

Paper towels have long been obsolete in bathroom technology and they are far from green. It is for this reason that many businesses have started to install Machflow hand driers that dries people’s hands in about 8 to 10 seconds. It is even thought of as being 80 percent more efficient than a conventional hand dryer, which means it will use less electricity than the conventional hand dryers. The Machflow hand dryer will also save the landfills from filling with paper towels.

The Machflow hand dryer dries people hands quickly and efficiently. The Machflow hand dryer turns on when people place their hands under the sensor and will turn off once the hands have been removed. These features will again use less electricity saving you on the electric bill. These hand dryers might cost a little more than a conventional hand dryer, but it will save you in the long run. The Matchflow hand dryer is a quality product that will look great and sound great in your businesses restrooms. 

Machflow hand dryers are a piece of equipment that only produces half the noise of a conventional hand dryer. This is a nice feature if you have a very busy bathroom. The lower the noise disable the better the customer experience. The better the customer experience the better the business. It is amazing to think about how a simple Machflow hand dryer could help your business. If you do seem to have a busy bathroom the Machflow hand dryer has a feature that makes it difficult to vandalize. This feature will allow you to save in the long run because the equipment will last longer and stay nicer.
The Machflow hand dryer is a great way to also improve your NABERS and GREENSTAR scores in your building. This will ultimately improve your utility bills while also doing your share and creating less of a carbon footprint on an already stressed out earth.