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M09AB- Machflow plus automatic black

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M09AB- Machflow plus automatic black

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M09AB- Machflow plus automatic black


Sensor operated Machflow® Plus hand dryer with steel cover, matte black Epoxy finish

Voltage 220-240 V Total power 420-1150 W

Frequency 50/60 Hz Protection level IP23

Electrical isolation Class I Effective airflow 187 m3/h/3120 l/min

Consumption 3,3-4,7A r.p.m. 19000-30000

Drying time 8-12 sec Weight 4,7 Kg

Air velocity 325 Km/h Noise level (a 2m) 68-75 dB

NOTE: Drying time may vary depending on conditions


Steel one-piece cover white epoxy, 1.5 mm


Dimensions: 326 x 213 x 170 mm.


• Sensor operated Machflow® Plus hand dryer with steel cover, black matte Epoxy finish.

• With a compact and very robust design, this hand dryer is energetically very efficient and sustainable, providing great energy savings and ultra-fast hand drying. Strongly recommended for high traffic places.

• It has an adjustable power motor that regulates energy consumption (between 420 and 1,500W) and provides a maximum air output speed of 325 km/h that dries your hands between 10 and 15 seconds.

• Machflow Plus can incorporate, optionally, a HEPA filter media that filters the solid particles in suspension (pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, etc.) significantly improving air quality.

• As a complement to the HEPA filter medium, and also optionally, the Machflow Plus can incorporate an ionizer ("Ion Hygienic" technology) that cleans and purifies the air through the emission of anions, eliminating most of the germs and particles transported through the air, helping it to be purer and healthier.

• Optionally, it is also possible to incorporate a quick assembly / disassembly kit for the machine ("Plug-in" kit code KTP009) that allows you to install and uninstall the hand dryer easily, quickly and safely, making maintenance much more efficient and reducing your costs at the same time.

• It has an odor neutralizer, code RCPOM14 that aromatizes and deodorizes the environment thanks to its soft fragrance (optional).

• Machflow Plus is equipped with an automatic safety disconnection system that switches it off automatically after 60 seconds of continuous use.

• It has one of the lowest sound levels in the market (67 dBA in ECO mode).

• It is supplied as standard with all the elements to fix it to a brick wall.

warranty: 3 years labour /  7 years parts (conditions apply)

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