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Green Hand Dryers

When the green hand dryers option is also the best for the environment and commercial solution... 

These three high performance hand dryers : machflow, speedflow and duelflow from Mediclinics are four to five times more energy efficient than conventional machines*.

Not only that, they are three to five times faster.

This should help make your decision very easy. When you also consider that these hand dryers are designed and manufactured in Europe, that they boast class-leading warranties and are competitively priced... your decision could almost make itself.

  • Improve your Building’s Environmental Performance
  • Boost your GREENSTAR and footprint scores for both energy and waste
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Improve running costs
  • Enhance  your customer experience


Energy Efficient: Up to 5 times more efficient


Energy usage, compared to conventional hand dryers, is slashed by up to 80%. This is great news for your NABERS and GREENSTAR scores*, especially if your building has high washroom traffic.

The Machflow and Speedflow are even more efficient than the leading brand of high speed hand dryers, by 30% and 20% respectively.

This scale of energy saving has a very significant impact on annual energy consumption for most commercial buildings. It represents a very real shift in environmental impact.


High Speed: Up to 5 times faster


Hands are completely dry in 8 to 15 seconds, depending on the dryer and the ambient conditions. Compared to drying times between 27 and 40 seconds, this is a far superior customer experience.

Drying times under 15 seconds help to improve washroom hygiene as well, with patrons leaving the facilities with hands that are completely dry. Quicker drying also mean that queues are shorter in busy washrooms.


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