Hand Dryers, washroom accessories Australia

Hand Dryers,Washroom station Australia                                                                                                 

You are in a mall and want to go to the bathroom. So, you walk into a washroom, use the bathroom and then look for a towel to wipe your hands dry. You spot one, but the paper is of such bad quality, and has a peculiar smell to it. What would you do? I know I would rewash my hands, and let them stay wet!

But that is about to change. Enter revolutionary washroom accessories- the hand dryers. Clean, safe and oh so dry! They are re-entering the market, and are slowly becoming a necessity, with even less consumption of electricity. Moreover, it just takes between 10 – 15 seconds and your hands are warm and dry!

One will find various types of hand dryers on the market, ranging from big noisy ones, to quiet and aesthetic ones, which can be placed anywhere, as they take up minimal space. Some are eco-friendly too. But all of them are from a varied price range, suiting the pocket of every consumer.

It’s now not only available for commercial establishments, but also within the reach of the common man, thus making it widespread. And of course, the warm air helps kill bacteria too! This is because some types of commercial hand dryers, contain carbon and microbe filters, which stop the spread of infection.

Not all of them are an electric hand dryers; some are based on sensors, and will save you a lot of money. However, they are pretty bulky and don’t look as good. Moreover, they do not always kill bacteria, as compared to electric hand dryers. But whatever your usage is, remember that hand dryers require lesser maintenance than paper towels, which have to be replenished from time to time.

And just so you know, wiki states that the air dryer was first invented in 1948 by George Clemens. Now that sure is a long time back. Whatever happened to it in the recent past ?

All in all, with the advent of technology, environmental laws, and protection, it is best we think twice before picking up a paper towel, which although will go through the entire recycling process, is not cost effective, and is certainly not environmentally friendly. Moreover, a varied new range of hand dryers are on their way to making a huge comeback.
Go green- use a hand dryer and save our trees as well as our planet !